High Power Exploration (HPX) completed a major investment in Pu Neng in December 2016, becoming the new majority owner of the company. HPX is a privately owned, metals-focused exploration company that also invests in minerals-dependent, high-growth emerging technologies. For further information, please visit


I-Pulse Inc. uses its unique expertise in electrical energy to drive disruptive industrial solutions. The I-Pulse suite of proprietary technologies safely and repeatedly compresses and releases stored electricity in billionths of a second. The extremely-high-powered discharges can generate precise shockwaves directed to enhance oil-well production; generate electrical fields that reveal chargeable or resistive mineral deposits, or liquid reservoirs, at depth; shape and assemble metals to previously unachievable degrees of precision; and crush rock containing minerals or gemstones with significantly reduced energy requirements. I-Pulse is commercializing these applications in industries such as oil and gas production, mineral and water exploration, and advanced manufacturing. For more information, please visit