Company Overview

Pu Neng is a fast-growing, privately held clean technology innovator. We have developed the most reliable, longest-lasting vanadium flow battery in the world, with over 20 MWh of systems deployed and over 800,000 hours of demonstrated performance.


Pu Neng is the technology leader in the field, and the combination of our proprietary low-cost ion-exchange membrane, long-life electrolyte formulation and innovative flow cell design sets us apart from other providers.


Our vanadium redox batteries (VRB®) store energy in liquid electrolyte in a patented process based on the reduction and oxidation of ionic forms of the element vanadium. This is a nearly infinitely repeatable process that is safe, reliable, and non-toxic. Components can be nearly 100% recycled at end-of-life, dramatically improving lifecycle economics and environmental benefits compared to lead-acid, lithium and other battery systems.